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Mistress likes to peg my ass

Hi guys and girls I’m Jenny 45 year old cross dresser from Camden, London. I’m a regular user of pegging dating and wanted to share my experiences with all you new members, I hope my story helps you guys even if its a little bit. I’ve been cross dressing for 10 years now and have never felt so alive it all started with me secretly trying on my ex wife’s knickers and stockings and every time she went out I progressed to dresses, make up and wigs etc I loved it and couldn’t keep this secret life up any more so one day I sat her down told her about my secret life and that was it she walked out and I was free to live my life as a lady when ever I wanted. I started joining up to local CD forums and went to fetish sex clubs to make new friends, find new fuck buddies both male and female and this is where my lust for mistresses took over soon I was to become my mistresses sissy slave and when ever she wanted to use and abuse me she would. Lets just say my mistress has had her wicked way with my ass pegging me at every opportunity and I love it. Having my mistress pegging my ass is a huge turn on, this hot dominant lady using me her cross dressing sissy slut for her perverse pleasure lets just say I’ve been known to bust my load before she even touched me! That’s how excited I become when I’m around my naughty dominant lady.

There are all kinds of women here who want to fulfil your pegging fantasies whether it be with a mistress or an ordinary housewife you will find the perfect partner for your pegging needs. Don’t keep these fantasies buried deep inside your minds live a little, explore a bit and let me tell you it will be the best decision you have made in a long time. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a little bit of kinky sex so come on put your needs first and take the first step to making your pegging fetish become a reality by joining up to pegging dating today and start looking for a lady who owns her own strap on, make contact and let her know what you want her to do to your ass.

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